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"And The Battle Royale" CD/DVD ltd digipack

20 EUR
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"And The Battle Royale" CD/DVD ltd digipack

20 EUR
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The Unguided – And The Battle Royale LTD Digipack

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1. Death’s Sting
2. The Heartbleed Bug
3. Legendary
4. Dark Metamorphosis
5. A Link to the Past
6. Anchor Stone (of the World)
7. Manipulate Fear
8. Force of Nature
9. King’s Fall
10. Nighttaker (Bonus Track)
11. Daybreaker (Bonus Track)
12. Nighttaker (Live) (Bonus Track)

Bonus DVD:
1. Becoming Death (Intro) (Live)
2. Enraged (Live)
3. King of Clubs (Live)
4. Blodbad (Live)
5. Heartseeker (Live)
6. Green Eyed Demon (Feat. Christoffer Andersson) (Live)
7. Unguided Entity (Live)
8. Betrayer of the Code (Feat. John Bengtsson) (Live)
9. Operation: E.A.E. (Live)
10. Eye of the Thylacine (Live)
11. Inherit The Earth (Live)
12. The Worst Day (Revisited) (Live)
13. Nighttaker (Live)
14. Phoenix Down (Live)
15. Hate (and Other Triumphs) (Live)